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The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RX62N is an evaluation and demonstration tool for Renesas RX62N microcontrollers. The goal is to provide the user with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications. The board also provides a useful platform for evaluating the Renesas suite of development tools for coding and debugging, using the High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) IDE as well as programming the device using the on-board SEGGER J-Link JTAG debugger.

The Renesas Demonstration Kit for RX62N is also the hardware platform that is included in a special RX62N-specific edition of Micrium's book on the µC/OS-III Real Time Kernel. The book and board combo targets serious programmers and college students who need to understand and create programs based on the timesaving features of a real-time kernel. Part I of the text covers the internals of the new µC/OS-III real-time kernel. The emphasis is on the internals, features, API calls, and where and how to use an RTOS, all presented in a clear and useful way, and accompanied by a wealth of diagrams. Part II provides specific examples for using µC/OS-III on the new Renesas RX62N microcontroller.

When you would like to start software development or MCU evaluation, please access to Design Support.

Target Applications and Features

  • Stereo audio driver connected to the PWM interface
  • On-board microphone to demonstrate sampling,FFT/FPU capabilities
  • Volume Control Potentiometer
  • Micrro SD card interface for audio and data files
Motor Control
  • 3-Phase motor control algorithm representation with LEDs
  • Motor control algorithm speed variation through volume control potentiometer
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer(Digital)
  • User pushbutton switches
  • 10/100 Etherface connected to an internal EthernetMAC(1588 compatibla)
  • USB Interface connected to an internal USB controller(Host,Device and OTG)
  • RS-232 Interface
  • CAN Interface
  • I2C, SPI with Debug through the Beagle connector from Total Phase
User Code and Application Debugging
  • On-board J-link Lite for high-quality source code debugging
  • User circuit breadboard area

Package Content

  • 96MHz RX62N MCU board with integrated debugger and huge peripheral set including Ethernet, CAN, and USB
  • USB Mini A/B to Host Cable
  • USB Debugger Cable
  • Installation CD containing:
    • High-Performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) with updated Project Generator
    • RX Family C/C++ Toolchains (Renesas 128K evaluation version, Full KPIT GNU version, IAR Embedded WorkBench 2.30)
    • Quick-Start Guide (x4)
    • RX62N Sample Projects (IAR and PG)
    • Documentation (User's Manual, Data Sheets, and more)


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