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Renesas eclipse embedded studio, known as e² studio, is a complete development and debug environment based on the popular Eclipse CDT project. Essentially open source, the Eclipse CDT covers build (editor, compiler and linker control) as well as debug phase based on an extended GDB interface.

A wide range of compilers can be integrated into e² studio to ensure customer has the choice of tools to match their project requirements. When combined with the extremely powerful editor functionality and project management tools automatically built into Eclipse CDT, e² studio offers a state of the art coding environment for Renesas embedded controllers.

To complete the development cycle, Renesas has developed a range of GDB debuggers to interface between the coding environment and a range of on-chip and in-circuit emulators.



  • Memory Usage
    e² studio will automatically scan the generated linker map file to prepare the Memory Usage view. Based on the device selected for the project, the Memory Usage View will display the exact RAM and ROM usage along with the percentage used of the target device. Each graph is colour coded to indicate the criticality of memory usage.
    Percentage < 75%
    75% <= Percentage <90%
    Percentage >= 90%
    : Colour of bar is Green
    : Colour of bar is Orange
    : Colour of bar is Red
  • Visual Expressions
    Gauges and dials can now be associated with real time expressions. These can be built up to produce a virtual representation of an application control panel reducing the dependancy on early hardware availability. Further enhancements and new display controls will be added in future releases.
  • Integrated Code Generation
    A Code generator has been integrated into e² studio for RL78, RX, RZ/T1 and Renesas Synergy™ devices. The selected target device peripherals such as timers, interrupts ADCs etc can be configured to match the application requirements using the simple to use graphical interface. Once the configuration is complete, a fully working C project can be generated. Care has been taken to ensure that the user can reconfigure the code generator without loosing their own application code. New devices will be added to the code generator using the integrated update manage in e² studio.
  • Eclipse CDT Editor
    The Eclipse CDT editor built into e² studio offers extremely powerful functionality specifically designed for C/C++ developers.
    These features include:
    • Automatic code completion
    • keyword colour coding of source code
    • Built in spell checker
    • Powerful code navigation
    • Comment and code folding options
    • Jump to declarations
    • Automated code formatting (brace matching, comment blocks etc)
    • Code templates
    • Automated code constructs (if, while, do..while etc)
    • In edit pre-processor checking (#ifdef code low-lighted if not true)
    • Auto variable completion while writing
    • Import projects from High-performance Embedded Workshop to e² studio (SuperH, RX)
    • Import / export projects between CS+ and e² studio (RL78, RX)

Target Devices

e² studio has been developed to support the key promotion families of Renesas controllers:

  • RL78 Family
  • RX Family
  • RH850 Family*
  • RZ Family
  • SuperH Family (SH-2 and SH-2A)
  • Renesas Synergy™ Microcontrollers

For details, see the e² studio Release Note.

As new devices are released from Renesas, e² studio can easily be updated to add the necessary support files and debugger extensions.

* Note, Debug support only

Target Build Plug-ins

Target Debuggers

Key to the flexibility of e² studio is the integration of on-chip debuggers and in-circuit emulators.

Target Device Renesas
E1/E20 1
E2 Lite
RL78 Yes Yes Yes No No
RX100 Yes Yes No No No 2
RX200 Yes Yes No No Yes
RX600 Yes Yes No No Yes
RX700 Yes Yes No No No
RH850 Yes No No No No
RZ No No No No Yes
Renesas Synergy™ No No No No Yes
SH-2/SH-2A No No No Yes No
  • 1. E20 feature is available with specific RX Family devices. E1 compatible features are available for other devices.
  • 2. Segger debugger support is currently in development.

Project Generators

e² studio includes a project generator to speed up the initial project set up. The development engineer is offered a selection of device, initial compiler options and debuggers. e² studio will then prepare a preconfigured project with all the necessary support files such as device specific headers etc. The project is now ready to build and debug.

Compiler Option Control

e² studio controls project builds using a managed make system. This is largely transparent to the user; however control of the compiler, assembler and linker options can be updated using the built-in GUI.

On Line Updates

Built into the basic Eclipse functionality is the ability to update either the entire installation or selected plug-ins from inside the environment. e² studio makes use of this capability to easily deliver updates to the project generator and debugger plug-ins as necessary.

User can define how often e² studio searches for updates and how they are applied to the installation, ensuring that the latest tools are always available.

Debugger Plug-ins

The standard GDB debugger supplied as part of the Eclipse CDT includes support for common debug functionality such as CPU register display, memory manipulation, simple breakpoints and run control.

All of these features have been implemented in e² studio however Renesas has also developed a number of extensions to enable access to advanced debug functionality available on the target devices.

Extended debugger plug-ins are supplied in e² studio to support real time memory, real time trace, peripheral register display and complex hardware event breakpoints etc. The exact feature support depends on the device family and debug hardware used.

Design Overview

Renesas have taken great care to build e² studio on the standard Eclipse CDT environment. This allows for the product to closely follow the release train of Eclipse CDT ensuring a future proof development environment.

Three basic software groups can be considered to make up e² studio.

Firstly the open sourced Eclipse CDT & GDB components (in blue) running on a standard Java runtime. These are maintained by the Eclipse Foundation and are out of scope of the e² studio project. Renesas aim not to make any modifications to this code to ensure compatibility with later releases.

Renesas however have developed an number of "User Experience" improvements to integrate the advanced debugger features such as real time trace, real time memory access etc to the standard GDB.

These are indicated in red and form the main part of the e² studio plug-in set.

Finally third parties such as IAR Systems, Green Hills Software and KPIT have contributed a set of plug-ins to control their compilers, indicated in green. These are supplied free of charge, however the compiler itself should be purchased or downloaded through normal sales channels.

Supported Host Operating Systems

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

Version Information

e² studio Updated
Latest Ver.: V5.0.0.43
Released: Apr 20, 2016
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

Updating via Update Site

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