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ICs for Charge Control


Renesas charge control ICs are high precision, safe and small size. You can make a charge
control circuit for lithium-ion battery with few external parts.

News release about the R2A20057BM

Renesas charge control ICs have built-in various protection functions, and can safely charge lithium ion batteries.

Broad line-up

  • Two types:- Built-in charger (DC input) / Adapter charger (AC input)
  • USB charging port auto detection (USB Battery Charging 1.2)
  • Two types:- Standalone type / Host assist type (I2C)
  • Built-in JEITA profiles
  • Auto load current distribution

Renesas IC reduces board space and system cost.

  • Built-in charge control FET and current sense device.
  • Small package

Product Information:

Product Lineup:

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