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Communications and Mobile Devices LSI


LSI for Communications and Mobile Devices

Constantly evolving mobile phones have become PCs from a few generations back that fit in the palms of our hands. Building on the foundation of our long experience with baseband technologies, we offer more compact, more power-efficient, and smarter functionality with SoCs performing advanced application processing.



Renesas Electronics has decided to name its new SoCs developed through the new integrated platform the "R-Mobile" for SoCs for mobile applications.


R-Mobile Product Roadmap

R-Mobile Product Roadmap

SH-Mobile R2R SH-Mobile MT1 EMMA-Mobile 1-S/1-D EMMA-Mobile EV1/EV2 R-Mobile A R-Mobile A

Integrated SH-Mobile, EMMA Mobile

  • R-Mobile A Series : General-purpose application processor for PND, consumer products


Products Lineup

R-Mobile Series

"R-Mobile A1" is the first product of application-processor R-Mobile A1 series for portable computing devices designed for multimedia application processor, such as ground digital broadcasting, map drawing, 3D graphics, and a two-line camera input.


SH-Mobile R Series

Renesas has introduced the SH-Mobile (SuperH Mobile Application Processor); designed to offload application processing from the baseband LSI, this is a solution to ease system development and realise significant performance improvement.


EMMA Mobile Series

EMMA Mobile™ is the latest mobile multimedia SoC offerings from Renesas Electronics, targeting to enable new opportunities in today's exploding portable devices and applications.
Utilizing advanced low-power design and multi-core processor technologies, EMMA Mobile™ is a balanced solution for high integration, state-of-the-art performance and industry leading power consumption, powering portable device designers to aggressively address the rapidly evolving markets.

SH-Mobile MT1

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