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RX63N, RX631


Overview of the RX63N, RX631 Group

The RX63N, RX631 Group 32-bit microcontrollers are capable of operating at up to 100 MHz.The built-in flash is capable of accessing with no wait, and at 100 MHz high-performance processing of 165 DMIPS (Dhrystone MIPS) is realized. A broad memory lineup from 2 MB to 256 KB built-in Flash (+ ROMless) to 256 KB to 64 KB built-in RAM is available to match the scale of your system.Furthermore, all products also contain 32 KB of built-in flash memory for data storage. An abundant selection of packages is also available, from 48 to 177 pins.

Common Functions to the RX63N, RX631 Group

The RX631/RX63N Series has an extremely comprehensive set of built-in functions, as shown below.

1) Up to 21 channels of 12-bit A/D converter and up to 2 channels of D/A converter
2) High-function timer and pulse output functions which make PWM output for motor control possible
3) Independent watchdog timer and CRC function for supporting the home appliance safety standard (IEC 60730) for Europe
4) Abundant communication functions, such as SCI, RSPI, and I2C

Special Functions of the RX63N, RX631 Group

In addition to the above common functions, the RX631 and the RX63N also have special functions.

1) Connectivity
The RX63N and the RX631 have built-in USB 2.0. full-speed (Function/Host/OTG) functionality, and CAN can be selected as an option. There are also RX631 products that have two built-in USB channels, while still having a low pin count. The RX63N has an Ethernet controller which is suitable for networking equipment. Since the RX631 and the RX63N have 192 KB/256 KB large-capacity on-chip RAM, which can be used for buffering a variety of communication functions, they are also suitable for gateway devices such as HEMS and BEMS and industrial networking equipment.

2) Sensing by CMOS camera, and image display
The RX631 has a built-in parallel data capture unit (PDC) that can connect to a CMOS camera module. The PDC can capture images from the CMOS camera for simple image sensor applications such as a motion detector or barcode reader. Furthermore, by using the built-in USB or ExDMAC of the RX631, the entire process from image capture to display can be performed using a single chip.

3) Security
The RX63N and the RX631 have a built-in data encryption unit (DEU) that processes AES encryption/decryption by hardware without putting a load on the CPU, making them suitable for devices that handle private information or require security.

Memory vs. Package Lineup

Memory vs. Package Lineup

RX63N, RX631 Group Block Diagram

RX63N, 631 Block Diagram

RX63N, RX631 Group Specifications

Item RX63N/RX631 Group
  • General registers: 32-bit x 16
  • Multiplier: 32-bit multiplier
  • Divider: Yes
  • Multiply-accumulator: Yes (two types: memory-to-memory operations and register-to-register operations)
Maximum operating frequency 100MHz
Power supply voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
Floating-point processing unit Single-precision floating-point processing unit
(Supports add/subtract/compare/multiply/divide and other instructions)
Flash ROM
(for program storage)
Max. 2MB
Flash ROM (for data storage) Max. 32KB
RAM Max. 256KB
On-chip peripheral functions
  • External bus: 177/176-pin(32bit@50MHz), 145/144-pin(16bit@50MHz), Under 100-pin PKG(16bit@25MHz)
  • DMAC: 4 channels
  • Direct memory access controller designed exclusively (EXDMAC) x 2 channels:Over 100-pin PKG Only
  • Data transfer controller (DTC)
  • 16-bit multifunction timer pulse unit: 177/176/145/144-pin: 12 channels; Under 100-pin: 6 channels
  • Multifunction timer pulse unit 2: 6 channels
  • Port output enable 2
  • Programmable pulse generator: Max. 32-bit output
  • 8-bit timer: 4 channels
  • Compare match timer: 4 channels
  • Real-time clock (RTC): Except 48-pin PKG
  • Watchdog timer
  • Independent watchdog timer
  • Serial communication interface (SCIc): 177/176/145/144-pin: 12 channels; 100-pin: 8 channels; 64-pin: 5 channels; 48-pin:4 channels
  • Serial communication interface (SCId)
  • I2C bus interface: 177/176/145/144-pin:4 channels;100-pin:2 channels; 64/48-pin:1 channel
  • Serial peripheral interface (RSPI): 177/176/145/144-pin:3 channels;Under 100-pin:2 channels
  • USB 2.0 full-speed (Host/function/OTG): 177/176-pin: 2 channels; up to 145-pin: 1 channels
  • Ethernet controller*1
  • DMA controller for Ethernet controller (EDMAC)*1
  • CAN*2 : Max. 3 channels
  • IEBus x 1 ch(IEB)
  • 12-bit A/D converter: 177/176/145/144-pin: 21 channels; 100-pin: 14 channels; 64-pin: 12 channels;48-pin: 8 channels
  • 10-bit A/D converter: Over 100-pin;8 channels
  • 10-bit D/A converter: 177/176/145/144-pin: 2 channels; 100/64-pin: 1channel
  • Temperature sensor
  • CRC calculator
  • Power-on reset circuit (POR)
  • Voltage detection circuit (LVD)
  • Data Encryption Unit (DEU)*3
    AES encryption
  • Parallel data capture unit (PDC) *4
On-chip debugging function Yes (with trace function)
Low power consumption modes 4 modes
  • Sleep mode
  • All-module clock stop mode
  • Software standby mode
  • Deep software standby mode
Packages PLQP0048KB-A (48-pin LFQFP, 7 x 7mm 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0064KB-A (64-pin LFQFP, 10 x 10mm 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0100KB-A (100-pin LFQFP, 14 x 14mm 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0144KA-A (144-pin LFQFP, 20 x 20mm 0.5mm pitch)
PTLG0064JA-A (64-pin TFLGA、6 x 6mm 0.65mm pitch)
PTLG0145KA-A (145-pin TFLGA, 7 x 7mm 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0176KB-A (176-pin LFQFP, 24 x 24mm 0.5mm pitch)
PLBG0176GA-A (176-pin LFBGA, 13 x 13mm 0.8mm pitch)
PTLG0177KA-A (177-pin TFLGA, 8 x 8mm 0.5mm pitch)

*1 RX63N Group (Over 100-pin PKG) only.
*2 part name differs between with CAN/without CAN versions.
*3 part name differs between with DEU/without DEU versions.
*4 Only RX631 products with up to 512 KB flash and 144 pins or more


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