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Overview of the RX62T Group

The RX62T Group of high-performance microcontrollers with a maximum operating frequency of 100MHz are designed for motor control. They are equipped with multifunction timers (MTU, GPT), high-speed 12-bit A/D converter, and 10-bit A/D converter for facilitating motor control.
The products also incorporate many safety features to comply with the IEC60730 safety standard for home appliances. In addition to a maximum of 256KB flash and 16KB RAM on-chip memory, they have a maximum of 32KB of on-chip flash memory for data storage. 64-pin to 112-pin packages are available.

A/D convertor, Amplifier, Comparator:

  • RX62T has three high-speed A/D modules (12-bit A/Dx2units, 10-bit A/Dx1unit) and 20ch A/D conversions in total are possible. Each conversion time is 1μs.
  • 3ch of simultaneous sampling is enabled only by one 12-bit A/D module.
  • 7ch of simultaneous sampling is enabled by two 12-bit A/D modules and one 10-bit A/D module.
  • The continuous A/D conversion is simplified by the double data register newly installed in 12-bitA/D module.
  • RX62T has 6ch of programmable gain amplifiers.
    • Each gain can be set independently.
  • RX62T has 6ch of analog comparators for 12-bit A/D inputs.
    • Each comparator has 3 detection modes; "Higher than the reference voltage (CVREFH)", "Lower than the reference voltage (CVREFL)" and "Window" ("Higher than CVREFH" and "Lower than CVREFL").
    • The reference voltage of comparator is selectable from the external source and the internal source.
    • Each comparator has 2 input modes; "After the programmable gain amplifier" and " Before the programmable gain amplifier" .
    • The result of comparison can control timer GPT.
      Control contents: Counter Start /Stop /Clear, PWM control


  • RX62T has 16-bit timer x 16ch; MTU3 (100MHz operation,8ch), GPT(100MHz operation, 4ch), and CMT (4ch).
  • RX62T has 3ch of three-phase complementary PWM (MTU3x2ch, GPTx1ch) for controlling 3 motors.
  • MTU3 supports complementary PWM for which the load of software is less than MTU2.
  • GPT can independently control 4ch of single phase inverter with the complementary PWM.
  • GPT can independently control the right and the left dead-time of complementary PWM.


  • 5V single power and 3.3V single power lineup. For the 3.3V products, analog power 5V supply setting is also available.
  • Lineup with CAN and without CAN.
  • Lineup of 0.5mm, 0.65mm and 0.8mm pitch PKG.
  • Memory-protection unit (MPU) is built in for all products.

Memory vs. Package Lineup

RX62T Group Memory/Package Lineup

RX62T Group Block Diagram

RX62T Group Block Diagram

RX62T Group Specifications

Item RX62T Group
  • General registers: 32-bit x 16
  • Multiplier: 32-bit multiplier
  • Divider: 32-bit divider
  • Multiply-accumulator: Yes (two types: memory-to-memory operations and register-to-register operations)
Maximum operating frequency 100MHz
Power supply voltage 4.0 to 5.5V, 2.7 to 3.6V (analog voltage 3.0 to 3.6V, 4.0 to 5.5.V)
Floating-point processing unit Single-precision floating-point processing unit
(Supports add/subtract/compare/multiply/divide and other instructions)
Flash ROM (for program storage) Max. 256KB
Flash ROM (for data storage) Max. 32KB
RAM Max. 16KB
On-chip peripheral functions
  • Data transfer controller (DTC)
  • 16-bit multifunction timer pulse unit 3 (MTU3) x 8 channels
  • 16-bit compare match timer x 4 channels
  • 16-bit general PWM timer (GPT) x 4 channels
  • 14-bit Independent watchdog timer (IWDT)
  • 8-bit Watchdog timer (WDT)
  • Port output enable 3 (POE3)
  • Serial communication interface (SCI) with noise canceller x 3 channels
  • I2C bus interface x 1 channel
  • Serial peripheral interface (RSPI) x 1 channel
  • CAN interface x 1 channel
  • LIN interface x 1 channel
  • A/D converter (12-bit) x 8 channels [2 units: 4 channels/unit]
    (programmable gain amplifier x 6 channels, window comparator x 6 channels)
  • A/D converter (10-bit) x 12 channels [1 unit: 12 channels/unit]
  • CRC calculator
  • Power-on reset circuit (POR)
  • Voltage detection circuit (LVD)
  • I/O ports: 61, input-only ports: 21 (112-pin LQFP)
    I/O ports: 55, input-only ports: 21 (100-pin LQFP)
    I/O ports: 44, input-only ports: 13 (80-pin LQFP)
    I/O ports: 37, input-only ports: 9 (64-pin LQFP)
On-chip debugging function Yes (with trace function)
Low power consumption modes 4 modes
  • Sleep mode
  • All-module clock stop mode
  • Software standby mode
  • Deep software standby mode
Packages PLQP0064KB-A (64-pin LFQFP, 10 x 10mm, 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0064GA-A (64-pin LQFP, 14 x 14mm, 0.8mm pitch)
PLQP0080JA-A (80-pin LQFP, 14 x 14mm, 0.65mm pitch)
PLQP0100KB-A (100-pin LFQFP, 14 x 14mm, 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0112JA-A (112-pin LQFP, 20 x 20mm, 0.65mm pitch)


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