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RX MCU Family


RX113 - 32-bit mcu, rx mcu family
Firmware Integration Technology
RX - 32-bit mcu, rx mcu family

The RX MCU family offers mid-range 32-bit MCUs that Renesas proudly proclaims will be the next-generation world standard of the #1 MCU supplier.

RX - 32-bit mcu, rx mcu family

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Zero-wait Flash Better code efficiency Lower power consumption Continuity with earlier products Better performance

The extreme evolution to embedded systems led by Renesas' new RX MCU family. Equipped with a new-generation core, the RX family can respond to the ever-increasing demands and challenges on the MCUs of today and tomorrow.

Even higher performance, greater code efficiency, lower power consumption, and more integration have been achieved, while providing legacy, enhanced and new peripheral functions for many applications.

Roadmap of the RX family

Roadmap of the RX family - 32-bit mcu, rx mcu family RX113 Connectivity Meter/Measuring Motor Control Connectivity RX610 RX111 RX220 RX21A RX631 RX63N RX62T RX63T RX630 RX62G RX62N RX621 RX610 RX210 RX600 Series RX200 Series RX110 RX100 Series Connectivity


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