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Product Spec

Basic Information
Product Status Mass Production
Family R8C
Series R8C/1x
Group R8C/1A

Program memory 8 KB Flash memory
RAM 0.5 KB

CPU (Bit, Clock, DMA, External Bus etc)
CPU R8C (16-bit)
Max. Frequency 20 MHz
On-chip Oscillator Freq. 8 MHz, Low Speed Oscillator 125 kHz
Power-On Reset YES
Low Voltage Detection YES
External Interrupt Pins 7
I/O Ports 13

8-bit Timers 2 ch
16-bit Timers 1 ch
Watchdog Timers 1 ch
PWM Output 1

A/D Converters 10-bit x 4 ch

CSIs 2 ch
UARTs 2 ch
I2Cs 1 ch

Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage 2.7 to 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -20 to 85 ℃ (Ambient Temperature)

Order Information

Orderable Part No. Buy or Sample Production Status Packing Terminal material
EU RoHS RoHS-pdf
R5F211A2DD#U0 Buy & Sample Mass Production Tube Sn-Cu Compliant English
  Buy & Sample : Product can be purchased online.


Pins 20
Pin pitch 1.778 mm
Package Type SDIP
Body Size 6.3x19 mm2
Package drawing prdp0020ba_a
Mounting height 4.5 mm
Mass 1 g
Renesas code PRDP0020BA-A (old: 20P4B)
JEITA code P-SDIP20-6.3x19-1.78

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