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Low Latency DRAM


Product Overview:

Low Latency DRAM is our newest large-density memory boasting high performance.
Incorporating high-performance technology used in our synchronous SRAM and the pseudo-SRAM technology used in mobile-specified RAM, Low Latency DRAM is ideal for use in various networking applications. With a Fast random access time-and data latency lower than other DRAM products-Low Latency DRAM realizes extremely high performance compared to commodity DRAM.

Those features, combined with large density and lower cost per bit compared to SRAM solutions make Low Latency DRAM an attractive choice for use in next-generation, high-performance networking products.

Key Applications:

  • A large capacity and high-speed access
  • Double-data-rate architecture
  • Common I/O
  • PLL circuitry
  • Specification for various Network markets

Product Lineup:

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IBIS Model, BSDL Model:

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