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General-Purpose Devices


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General-Purpose Devices
Standard IC
USB Devices
RF Devices
Opto-Electronics Devices

These general-purpose device pages introduce semiconductor products having a variety of characteristics and functions. Here, we compare the function of each product to a part of the human body.

Although microcomputers (MCUs) that analyze information and give instructions to the system are key devices and in this analogy the equivalent of the brain, just as the human body does not function solely from the brain alone, electronic devices too are made up of a variety of parts that each have a role to play. There are parts that see and hear information from the outside world, parts that learn and remember, parts that convey the intentions of the brain to the rest of the body, parts that take in energy from the outside world and convey it to the rest of the body, parts that eliminate foreign substances, and so on. General-purpose devices support your system by providing the various functions that surround an MCU.

Body BODY Diodes Power supply IC ASSP Power MOS IGBT IPD Power supply IC Logic Level shifters Photocoupler Bus interfaces Drivers TRIACs & thyristors
Head HEAD Sensors Operational amplifiers Analog devices for A/D and D/A conversion, etc. USB devices RF Devices Optical communication devices Memory Reset IC (system organizer)


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