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Power Devices



Products for a variety of applications, such as power supply, motor drive, high frequency amplification, and load switch, are available. We have products for each reliability level required for consumer and automotive electronics.

MOSFETs for switching

Low Voltage MOSFETs (VDSS < 150 V)
High Voltage MOSFETs (VDSS ≥ 150V)

Power MOSFETs for Automotive
MOSFETs for amplifier & linear application
MOSFETs for high frequency amplifier


Renesas' low saturation voltage IGBTs help reduce the loss of a system. They make large-current applications more eco-friendly. We are continuing to improve usability by slimming down to reduce tail current and incorporating a built-in FRD to increase switching speed.

IGBT(Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors)
IGBTs for Strobe use

Intelligent Power Devices

We are continuing to expand our lineup of intelligent power devices (IPDs) in response to demands for greater system reliability with an overheat protection
function that can easily be substituted for a power MOSFET, and a high-voltage, high-reliability IPD for automotive body with excellent load short-circuit reliability ratings.

High side driver Low side driver
Thermal FET
Motor driver
MOSFET driver


Renesas diodes support higher performance, smaller, and lighter mobile devices. Renesas continues to take the lead with diodes such as PIN diodes that achieve extremely low capacity through an original trench structure.

Zener Diodes for Surge Absorption
Diodes for Constant Voltage
Fast Recovery Diodes

Thyristors and Triacs

Renesas offers thyristors and TRIACs for white goods, devices for strobe optimized for digital still cameras and film-based cameras, and so on to support system development.



Renesas transistors offer support for customers' systems by supporting a wide variety of applications, from applications requiring ultra-small size to large current or amplification applications.

Built-in Resistor Transistors
Bipolar Small Signal Transistors
Bipolar Power Transistors

Transistor for High Frequency

Silicon MOSFETs for High Frequency Amplifier
Small Signal Bip-TRSs for High Frequency Amplifier
Twin-type Silicon MOSFETs for High Frequency Amplifier

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