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Power Supply

A global environmentally-friendly voltage conversion system that can used be without wasting energy

A power supply has the task of converting alternating current (AC) power or temporally variable direct current (DC) power to fixed-voltage DC power. Even a one percent improvement in conversion efficiency is directly linked to lower power consumption and energy saving.
Renesas offers PFC (power factor correction) ICs that employ critical interleaving mode and battery control ICs that detect the remaining battery level with high precision to help improve conversion efficiency

Support Tools

About Power Esim

With Power Esim you can:

  • PowerEsim is an online simulation tool for switch mode power supply.
  • Various kind of circuit topologies are prepared in PowerEsim. Also, PowerEsim provides simulation functions such as waveform analysis and other analyses for each circuit topology.
  • You can try out Renesas IGBTs and other products through PowerEsim.

Note:This sponsored link allow only one user at a time. If the sponsored link is already in use, you will be redirected to the free version or PowerEsim.

Applicable products: IGBT

Online MOSFET Design Tool Renesas VP

With Renesas VP you can:

  • Renesas VP is a tool for simulating the operation of a power MOSFET.
  • A power MOSFET characteristics graph is calculated according to user-specified conditions and displayed online.
  • A My Renesas account is required to use this tool.

Applicable products: MOSFET

Simulation Models

You can download simulation data such as SPICE parameters or IBIS models for each product lineup shown below.
*: Links to each product information page.

MOSFETs for switching
FRD (Fast Recovery Diodes)*
Bipolar transistors
Op Amp, Comparators
Logic ICs


About Power Supply

All electronic and electric devices in the world around us require a power supply to run. To use an analogy, the power supply is like the foundation of a house. However, mostly it is taken for granted and not really given much thought, like air.

About PFC

A PFC (power factor correction) IC suppresses the peak power level by using harmonic control to utilize power efficiently, thus achieving energy savings. However, since the factors valued by customers' end products—efficiency, low spurious radiation, protective functions against malfunction, cost reduction through fewer parts—and the balance of these factors or power supply requirements differ, PFC ICs of a variety of specifications are needed. Renesas is PFC IC technology leader. With a wide variety of applications and a product lineup with specifications covering a broad power range, Renesas contributes to the realization of an energy-efficient society.


Technical Information Magazine RENESAS EDGE

RENESAS EDGE is a technical information magazine that presents the latest technological trends, use cases, application technologies, and so on from Renesas.


Technical Information WEB Magazine RENESAS EDGE

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