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23 Apr, 2015

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Renesas Motor Control Solutions

Due to rising concerns about global warming issues and demands to reduce power costs, power consumption reduction requirements (energy-saving requirements) for electronic equipment and devices are becoming more severe. It is said that power consumption by motors in home appliances makes up over half of the total power consumption of a common household. Thus, it can be said that reducing motor power consumption is the key to saving energy.

There are various methods of controlling a motor. Among them, the best control method for reducing power consumption is inverter control. Although inverter control demonstrates a tremendous ability to achieve energy savings, there are more than a few challenges associated with its implementation. The difficulty of carrying out the inverter control itself, the complicated hardware, and high cost are the typical challenges. Renesas has developed and provides solutions that help overcome such challenges.

Where Renesas Devices Are Used

Electric Fan
Washing Machine
Electric Screwdriver
Air Conditioner
Vacuum Cleaner
Sewing Machine
Air Conditioner
Power Assisted Bicycle
Robot Arm
Industrial Equipment

*There are exceptions in terms of the type of motors found in these products.


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